AX Materials is proud to introduce the world’s first range of recycled polyester (RPET) performance palm suedes.


AX Suede RPET is a glove material made from post-recycled water bottles, using a water-based manufacturing process that eliminates the use of toxic solvents. The material is certified by Global Recycled Standard, a third-party organization that specializes in sustainable production practices.


One yard of AX Suede RPET represents 12 half-liter plastic water bottles removed from the environment.


The AX Suede RPET range features the same advanced features of our original AX Suede, like high abrasion, dexterity and durability. AX Suede RPET also uses cationic dyed polyester (CDP) technology to prevent color migration, particularly in dark or vivid hues. All this comes with the additional benefit of getting more plastics out of the environment.


As a company that empowers climbers, cyclists and other natural explorers, AX is committed to providing the glove industry with synthetic materials that create a safer, cleaner world.


Our AX Suede RPET material range is capable of a wide array of thicknesses, embossing, colors and touchscreen connectivity. To get in touch with a sales rep today, visit our Contact page.

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