Glove Materials and Chrome VI

All AX® Materials forego chrome leather tanning and meet global chemical requirements for hexavalent chromium.

Chrome VI Regulations

Although hexavalent chromium (Chrome VI) has been widely recognized as a chemical banned under Prop 65, it’s been brought to attention in recent years that trivalent chromium (Chrome III)—a chemical used during leather tanning—can be converted to Chrome VI under certain environmental conditions outside of the tanning process.

Companies have been acting fast to ensure their products meet the “opt-in” window for the Prop 65 Chrome VI settlement, which includes providing legal proof that their leather is sourced from certified tanneries. 

The Center for Environmental Health encourages any leather footwear or glove company interested in protecting their customers from hex chrome exposure to visit their website for more information on how to opt in.

AX® vs. Natural Leather

Our synthetic materials bypass any need for chrome leather tanning with 4x fewer chemicals used in the overall production of AX® Suede vs. natural leather.

We’ve used the HIGG Materials Sustainability Index to calculate these differences (comparing our NovoSplit material with cow leather) which also demonstrates 3x less global warming potential, 14x less water used in manufacturing, and 22x lower nutrient pollution in water.

Sustainable Material Solutions

As chemical regulations continue to shift and shape the landscape of product development, AX® remains dedicated to providing solutions that meet both global requirements and consumer expectations.

Through adopting safer chemistry and ongoing attainments of sustainability certifications, we are committed to holding our principles in sustainability and innovation to the highest standards in material manufacturing.

Reach out to our team for more information on how our materials relate to your glove programs and sustainability initiatives.


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