Vietnam-Made Glove Materials

Our Vietnam-made range provides higher-quality and higher-performing materials for longer-lasting gloves without breaking the bank.

In the world of product development, where innovation intersects with practical needs, Vietnam is emerging as a new hub for glove production. This isn’t just about diversification from China—the traditional powerhouse of manufacturing—but about redefining what the quality of products can and should be.

As more brands aim to expand their production locations, we’ve been working to commercialize more ‘core’ palm options made in Vietnam. With AX® Suede Bravo RPET and AX® Rivolta-S Buck RPET, we’re taking a new approach to what a palm material truly means for gloves. Palm materials no longer need to be “good enough” to hit a certain price point. Our Vietnam-made range provides higher-quality and higher-performing materials for longer-lasting gloves without breaking the bank.

Tested and Proven Glove Materials

In addition to meeting customers in the locations necessary for production, our Vietnam-made materials provide superior performance, lower environmental impact, and greater overall value. We’ve performed trials using our Bravo and Rivolta materials compared to a traditional China-made non-woven material that examines abrasion resistance, sustainability, and material composition.

Enhanced Durability of AX® Materials

Through ANSI Abrasion and EN388 Abrasion testing, both Bravo and Rivolta outperformed the competition in terms of durability. Whereas the generic nylon non-woven material tested at an average of 2,374 cycles for Level 3 ANSI Abrasion, Bravo leveled up with just about 3x the number of abrasion cycles (average=6,860), and Rivolta at over 6x abrasion cycles (average=14,500). In the EN388 Tear test, Rivolta also surpassed these scores—testing at Level 3 vs. Level 2.

Although the price for generic nylon non-woven materials might be lower in the initial buying stage, their lower quality results in more frequent breakages over time, which means repair or replacement expenses can quickly ramp up. By designing the most durable materials, AX® bypasses the all-too-common cycle of inconsistent performance that plagues cheaper, less durable products. Bravo and Rivolta not only save on costs in the long run but lessen the environmental impact of excess material production.

Materials with Lower Environmental Impact

Our third-party tests were conducted using the recycled versions of Bravo and Rivolta—with Bravo RPET made up of 45% recycled polyester and Rivolta-S Buck RPET at 56%. The recycled polyester content of both materials is derived from post-consumer water bottles, and the finished products have been Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certified by the Textile Exchange.

The solution-dyed black colors for Bravo and Rivolta also enable high-quality color performance with limited environmental impact. This results in a significant reduction of CO2 and water usage during production while also decreasing the amount of dye chemicals in the supply chain.

Breathable and Comfortable Glove Materials

Both AX® options are Polyester-based, with minimal polyurethane (PU) used in their composition (Bravo = 0%, Rivolta = 15%). This lower PU content leads to increased breathability, shorter dry times, and improved comfort compared to the nylon non-woven, which contains 40% polyurethane content.

 ANSI AbrasionEN388 AbrasionEN388 TearSustainabilityCompositionCOO
Bravo RPET 0.80mmLevel 4 (avg 6,860 cycles)Level 3Level 145% recycled polyesterPolyester/SpandexVietnam
Rivolta-S Buck RPET 0.75mmLevel 5 (avg 14,500 cycles) Level 2Level 356% recycled polyesterPolyester/PUVietnam
Generic Nylon non-wovenLevel 3 (avg. 2,374 cycles) Level 1Level 2xNylon/PUChina

* ANSI abrasion testing was performed at Intertek and EN testing at CTC HKG

Our Vietnam-made options offer more than just an alternative to lower-cost nylon non-woven materials—they’re about providing materials that stand the test of time while simplifying and diversifying the supply chain. As the leading supplier of synthetic suedes, PU-coated materials, and mesh textiles produced in Vietnam, AX® is setting a new standard for performance in protection with multiple manufacturing locations worldwide.

Our range of materials helps brands streamline their sourcing strategies and reduce dependency on a single manufacturing hub—a crucial step for building resilient supply chains in today’s global market.

AX® Suede Bravo

Bravo is more than just the most comfortable 0.80mm palm suede for gloves. It’s a proven versatile material combining durability, quick drying, and breathable properties. Bravo is a great fit for biking, work, and outdoor adventures and reaches an ideal fusion of stretch and strength. This material boasts trusted durability at Level 4 ANSI abrasion performance and is available in recycled content with our proprietary InstaChill™ cooling treatment. Bravo RPET is made up of 45% recycled content sourced from post-consumer water bottles and presents a sustainable, solvent-free, and highly durable material option for the glove market.

AX® Suede Rivolta

Rivolta-S Buck is a revolution in core palm materials designed to challenge the status quo. Rivolta encompasses long-lasting durability, uncompromised comfort, and superior ‘nubuck’ grip, all while being a lower price-point option made in Vietnam.

AX® Rivolta RPET contains a 56% recycled polyester base sourced from post-consumer water bottles and is available with our AX® Connect treatment for touchscreen conductivity. Soon to be available in additional colors outside of solution-dyed black (for both recycled, regular, and AX® Connect versions).

Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and performance exists at the core of all AX® Materials. Ready to take your gloves to the next level? Contact our team and request a batch of these samples to get started.


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