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Cutting-Edge Material Technology

The #1 priority of AX® is to provide the essential combination of safety, protection, and comfort. Our materials are designed with the features that gloves need most, from high abrasion resistance to high-dexterity comfort, enhanced grip, and lightweight breathability.


Built to outperform natural leather

Our high-abrasion leather alternatives are proven to get the job done, no matter the conditions. By using specialty high-density yarns combined with other ‘workhorse fibers’ in a custom knitting process, we create the optimal balance of strength, softness, and dexterity.

How do we test durability?

Our line of high-abrasion materials undergo third-party testing via ASTM D3884, ANSI, and EN388 and are proven to withstand the most extreme conditions.

AX® Leather Alternatives offer better durability than goat and cow grain leather in terms of abrasion and tear resistance, in either thinner or similar thicknesses.

AX® Leather Alternatives

Goat Leather


0.75mm - 1.05mm
ANSI Abrasion
Level 4-5
Level 5
Level 3
EN388 Abrasion
Level 2-3
Level 1
Level 1
EN388 Tear
Level 2-4
Level 1
Level 1

AX® Suede 10W 0.80mm:
Highest Abrasion Suede

10W shows very little wear even after 4,000 cycles through the ASTM D3884 test (1kg, H22 wheel). Standard palm suedes typically won’t make it past 1,000 cycles.

 Taber Cycle Testing

Taber Abrasion Test
AX Suede 10W

Wear tested glove featuring AX® Suede 10W after 100+ hours

“These are the toughest gloves I’ve ever used for warm to cool weather woods work. Also, the best fitting… I think you have a winner here.”

Andy G

Landscape contractor / 100+ hours wear-tested

Third-party wear testing by

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Polyester Fiber

Engineered Polyester: The Workhorse of Fibers

The heart of the AX® range, our engineered polyester, is constructed with specialty fibers to create high-dexterity, lightweight, and comfortable materials. These fibers work harder and last longer, all while being more breathable and flexible compared to natural leather.

AX® Polyester Materials

  •  Built specifically for gloves
  • Continuous filament fiber
  • Polyester base
  • Offers high dexterity
  • Soft & pliable
  • Better fit
  • Vegan leather
  • No pilling
  • High abrasion


“Good Enough” Materials

  • Adapted from footwear
  • Short staple fibers
  • Limited breathability
  • Thickness variance
  • Stiff & board-like
  • Bunching in palms
  • Higher pilling
  • Lower abrasion
engineered poly fibers
long continuous fibers


The majority of AX® Materials are built using a knit polyester construction with minimal PU content, allowing for greater breathability compared to other synthetic materials and natural leather. This enables heat and sweat to easily escape from the glove palm and provides excellent moisture-wicking properties for a dry grip and increased comfort.

How do we test breathability?

Breathability (g/m2/24hr)

Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E 96 E /96M -2016

AX® Non-PU Suede*
AX® PU Grain**
Goat Grain Leather
Cow Grain Leather

* AX® Suede Uno 0.80mm ** AX® Laredo 0.75mm

Higher number indicates increased breathability


Your hands work hard, and the right glove grip can ease the burden. Our coating and embossing treatments incorporate PU and silicone chemistries to provide superior grip and protection for any task at hand. We test using third-party industry standards to eliminate the “subjectivity” of grip altogether.

How do we test grip?

Test Method: NOCSAE DOC (ND) 019- 10M10

Touchscreen Compatibility

From full palm to fingertip and thumb applications, our touchscreen-compatible treatments offer reliable interaction with smartphones, tablets, and other handheld technologies. These materials feature a range of connectivity levels depending on their application and glove construction.

How do we test connectivity?

Connectivity Testing
Test method: SIMCO ST-3
Unit of measure: OHSM/sqm

OHMS / Sqm
AX® Suede Fit RPET Connect
10^4 to 10^5
10^4 to 10^6
AX® Suede Quattro II Wavy Connect
10^5 to 10^6
AX® Suede CPM-8 Connect
AX® Laredo Connect
10^6 to 10^7

Rating 10^4 – 10^5 is conductive and does not require direct skin contact to have consistent touchscreen function; 10^6 and up has reduced conductivity and requires direct skin contact.

InstaChill™ Cooling

Powered by xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar alcohol, InstaChill™ does more than just keep you cool – it’s designed to tackle moisture and perspiration head-on. When activated, InstaChill™ swiftly wicks away moisture and transforms it into a chilling effect, resulting in the ultimate experience of heat-busting comfort.

AX® Fiber with InstaChill™ Coating

3°F Temperature decrease after 2 minutes of contact (prior to washing)*

After 20 washes treatment is still 50% effective.

*These are observational figures only, not guaranteed values. In-house testing is recommended.

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