A game-changing material collection meticulously crafted for gloves.

Suede reimagined

The AX® Suede collection offers proven and tested synthetic material alternatives that are engineered to replicate the intrinsic qualities of natural suede leather.

Suede made for gloves

Designed with our signature polyester and nylon fibers, these suedes provide the best of both worlds: blending durability for tough conditions with increased softness for a snug fit. Using PU chemistry and other specialized finishes, these materials can be enhanced with added grip, moisture management, and color compatibility.


Slim Fleece WP Pack

A 3-in-1 laminated waterproof cold weather performance package; the ultimate material for warmth, comfort, and protection


Slim is an ultra high-dexterity material offering advanced levels of breathability, comfort, and moisture-wicking/drying properties

Eco-Tuff RPET Connect + Emboss

60% recycled polyester base embedded with touchscreen compatibility

Victory CDP

Durable palm suede designed for optimal neon and high-visibility color performance


Designed as an ideal leather replacement for golf, baseball, equestrian, and tactical gloves


The glove market’s first bluesign® certified palm suede featuring a recycled polyester base


Redefining ‘second skin’ durability since 2012 in the work, outdoor and tactical markets

CPM-Cut Packages

ANSI A5 and EN Level E cut protection in an innovative 2-in-1 suede palm package


Vietnam-made versatile core palm suede combining durability, quick-drying, and breathable properties



The highest abrasion 0.80mm palm suede on the market

CPM Connect

A conductive all-purpose suede available with a recycled option and a variety of colors


A core palm suede for moto sports, Dyno’s engineered suede grip and proprietary knit construction provides high abrasion resistance and tear properties

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