AX® Medora FR 0.75mm

A new synthetic fire-resistant material made with a natural cotton base and Bio-PU content

AX® Medora FR is a patent-pending fire/flame-resistant (FR) synthetic material—a remarkable breakthrough as an alternative to fire-resistant natural leather. Compared with FR natural leather, Medora achieves a higher level of FR by using organic materials that have inherent fire-resistant properties. 

Made with a natural cotton base, Bio-PU content, and unique FR chemistry, Medora creates a thinner and lighter material with extraordinary physical and chemical benefits. 

Medora can self-extinguish when exposed to flame and will not continue to burn, shrink, or drip residue when ignited. Its cotton base is not only inherently fire-resistant but increases breathability and absorbs moisture, which allows perspiration to move away from the body upon contact with heat. 

Fire-resistant gloves have historically contained two-layer combinations consisting of FR natural leather and additional FR materials, such as Kevlar. Unfortunately, this multi-layer approach can compromise dexterity, control, and comfort. Fortunately, with Medora, gloves can now be built with higher dexterity without sacrificing FR performance. 

Most FR materials use chemicals that exceed the maximum requirements of Prop 65 and REACH to achieve their fire-resistant properties. Medora creates a safer alternative that includes a proprietary and sustainable bio-based FR chemistry that meets all global chemical compliance.

AX® Medora can be used as a single layer or lined with other materials, such as cut or needlestick. It contains enhanced grip, strong abrasion-resistant properties, and treatment application options such as touchscreen compatibility made possible by AX® Connect Technology.

Medora’s FR performance has been validated at third-party labs for the following tests:

  • ASTM D6413 Vertical Flame Test & ISO 15025:2000 B Method
    • Melt/drip (occurrence of debris): none
    • Afterflame time (seconds): 0 
    • Afterglow time (seconds): 0
    • Char Length
      • Length: (3.5 inches) 89 mm avg
      • Width: (4.25 inches) 108mm avg
    • Burn Distance:
      • Length: (2.44 inches) 62mm avg
      • Width: (3.11 inches) 79mm avg 
  • EN 407:2004 6.3
    • Burning Behavior: Level 4 = Afterflame time ≤ 2 seconds, Afterglow ≤ 5 seconds 
    • Contact Heat: Level 1 (≥15 seconds at 100°C)

*Please contact AX® Materials for additional testing information.

**Please note: Medora FR was developed for fire/flame resistance, meaning the material will not burn when exposed to a flame or excessive heat. However, the PU surface may melt if in direct contact with extreme temperatures above 200C/392F.


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