AX® Materials are built differently.

Breaking the mold for performance and protection

Whether it’s constructing the highest abrasion suede on the market, developing patent-pending fire-resistant chemistry, or crafting the first line of direct leather replacement materials for gloves, we’re experts in paving the way for proprietary solutions that set new standards for safety and performance.

Trusted, tested, and proven

Our collection undergoes third-party testing to meet the highest abrasion standards on the market and is proven to hold up, outperforming ‘good enough’ materials to create a next-generation class of solutions.

AX® has been trusted by over 200 brands to elevate their gloves to the next level of safety and performance. Every year, more than 1 million gloves are converted from natural leather to AX®, making us the go-to supplier of material solutions on the market.

Connecting the dots

It’s our vast network of industry partners that allows us to regularly push out new material innovations. By joining forces with numerous suppliers, we combine specialized abilities to develop cutting-edge materials. AX® is constantly releasing groundbreaking solutions to raise the bar for your products.


AX® Materials are specially engineered with the features that gloves need most – from breathability and moisture management to grip and abrasion resistance.


Sustainability is at the forefront of all that we do and we’re committed to developing material technology that fuses high performance with low environmental impact.


These high-dexterity and ultra-durable materials are combined with unmatched chemistry to create the strongest cut, tear, and fire resistance possible.