AX polyester fiber


The Workhorse of Fibers

This tenacious fiber makes up the base of the AX technical leather range with thin, strong, comfortable glove materials featuring excellent abrasion and color capabilities.


AX materials

  • Built specifically for gloves

  • Continuous filament fiber

  • Polyester base

  • Offers high dexterity

  • Soft and pliable

  • Better fit

  • Vegan leather

  • No pilling

  • High abrasion


‘Standard’ Glove materials

  • Adapted from footwear

  • Short staple fibers

  • Nylon base

  • Thickness variance

  • Stiff and boardy

  • Bunching in palms

  • Higher Pilling

  • Lower abrasion

Continuous fiber
Standard staple fiber