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ICON 1000
Synthhawk™ Jacket

With “all the performance of leather but half the weight,” ICON 1000 Synthhawk™ Jacket keeps riders comfortable yet protected.

Next Generation of Ride Protection

ICON Motosports has engineered the next generation of ride protection. With “all the performance of leather but half the weight,” the ICON 1000 Synthhawk™ Jacket gives motorcyclists advanced comfort in mild to hot riding conditions.

Made with:



Tested and Certified

The ICON 1000 Synthhawk™ Jacket features an AX® Laredo engineered synthetic chassis, D30 removable back, shoulder, and elbow impact protection, and mesh panels and zipper vents for keeping comfortable yet protected on warmer days.

Since protection is the number 1 requirement for a motorcycle jacket, it’s been tested and certified according to EN 17092-4:2020 Class A.

Check out the jacket and a huge selection of gloves made with AX® on the ICON site.

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