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Cross X Glove

We’re in the business of blazing trails for better products. And we’re psyched to work with over 150 brands that create reliable gear to perform in the wild.

Enter Dakine.

It’s a brand that speaks for itself – whether on the mountain, in the water, or adventures in between. Dakine’s been making waves in the industry for almost 50 years and partners with some of the biggest athletes in the scene to make their products happen. When Dakine launched its Thomas Vanderham Signature Series, we were honored this MTB legend selected the Cross-X Bike Glove for his collection and allowed us to be part of his journey.

Thomas Vanderham

Thomas Vanderham’s career took off in the North Shore of Vancouver right as it became globally recognized as peak MTB territory. His collection with Dakine draws inspiration from the terrain, coast, and ever-changing seasons of North Vancouver to offer riders a range of gear for tackling the elements. The Signature Series includes pieces he’s been sporting for years, as well as new styles inspired by his most memorable rides.

Cross-X Bike Glove

The Cross-X Glove, a Dakine MTB staple, was one of Vanderham’s top choices for the series. These highly protective gloves are ultra-durable and able to handle rough conditions, yet comfortable enough to wear on a casual ride.

“The Cross-X has been a long-time favorite Dakine product of mine, and I think it comes down to being a nice blend of comfort and protection… I hope riders find it to be a versatile glove that can be worn on a long pedal or laps in the bike park.” -Thomas Vanderham

The Cross-X is moto-inspired with advanced knuckle and palm protection made for riders who want to charge at high speed. Built using synthetic suede leather from AX® Materials, the palm material provides an ideal fit for a ride – achieving the perfect combo of high dexterity and extreme abrasion resistance that every mountain biker looks for. The result? Knuckle protection gloves with an ultra-durable handlebar grip and second-skin sorta vibe.

AX® Materials: Engineered for Performance

The AX® Materials range enhances features such as dexterity, flexibility, and abrasion resistance to bring out the very best qualities in gloves. Our products are tested to some of the highest abrasion standards on the market for longer-lasting, durable gloves that can withstand the wear and tear of the trail.


Made with:



The Best of All Worlds

“We use AX® Materials for palms on 99% of our bike glove styles because they uphold high standards for all 3 properties that we look for in materials: functionality, durability, and sustainability.

We generally look for recycled materials such as AX® Cinco RPET or other recycled polyester fabrics for the back of hand, which provide the best of all worlds in terms of durability, grip, and breathability.”  -Cory Davis, Dakine Product Development Manager

AX® Cinco RPET

AX® Cinco RPET is constructed with knit polyester and 0% polyurethane content which makes it more breathable when compared to natural leather. The recycled polyester makeup provides an athletic fit with superior four-way stretch and shape retention, allowing heat and sweat to escape easily from the glove palm for an excellent moisture-wicking dry grip.

“I look for a handlebar feel that’s comfortable and holds up to some moisture. If it’s rain or sweat, you really don’t want your gloves to become slippery… I think [AX® Cinco RPET] has got a great bar feel, is durable, and is useful in a variety of conditions.” -Thomas Vanderham

Synthetic Leather vs. Leather

AX® Suede Cinco RPET is the glove market’s first recycled palm suede made from post-recycled water bottles. Even better? One yard of AX® Suede is the equivalent of 12 plastic water bottles removed from the environment. 

As a company that empowers climbers, cyclists, and other natural explorers, AX® is wholeheartedly committed to creating synthetic leather alternatives for a cleaner and safer world.

With leather being the historic go-to material for gloves, our cruelty-free range allows brands to choose from sustainable options that perform, look, and feel just like the real thing.


Sustainable Manufacturing

The solution-dyed black color of Cinco RPET is manufactured in pellet form where yarn is extruded, yielding significant savings in CO2 and water usage when compared to conventional dyeing processes. Its water-based manufacturing process also prevents the use of toxic solvents.

Water-based manufacturing enables AX® Materials to create a range of synthetic leather with reduced or zero Dimethylformamide (DMFa). Using water-based resins eliminates the number of resources in production while still giving the material an authentic look and feel.

According to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, the use of AX® Suede (1.05mm) compared to traditional cow leather checks in with the following:

  • 3x less impact on global warming

  • 22x less impact in water run-off

  • 14x less water used in manufacturing

  • 4x less chemistry

AX vs Leather Chart

Made For the Trail

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, having the right gear is essential to making the most of your mountain biking adventures.

So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of bike gloves, the Dakine Cross-X should be at the top of your list. And with Thomas Vanderham’s seal of approval, you’re getting a high-quality product that’s been tested by one of the best in the business.

Grab these specialized MTB gloves, hit the trail, and see where it takes you.

“I always ride in gloves, so they’ve been along for all of the good memories.” -Thomas Vanderham 

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