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Cortech Lite Gloves

Tough weather is one of motorcyclists’ biggest challenges, and the Cortech Lite line from Helmet House eliminates ride-deterrent elements in a flash. 

Top Quality Gear

Since 1969, Helmet House has been distributing top-quality gear for motorcycle riders and racers.

They’re the exclusive US supplier for SHOEI helmets and also distribute other products from market-leading brands like Alpinestars, Cardo, HJC, Sidi, SENA, 100%, Sidi, and Fasthouse.

These elite moto lines are enhanced with Helmet House’s own in-house products, developed under their Tourmaster, NORU, and Cortech brands.  

The Cortech brand equips street motorcyclists with a full selection of apparel and protective gear, outfitting both hard-core sport riders and everyday moto-commuters.  

Cortech’s newest glove styles recently hit the market—the Cortech Lite collection. The concept of the Lite collection is based on motorcyclists’ need for feel and feedback to control the motorcycle. 

A Complete 180

This glove line delivers a complete 180 from the thicker glove construction moto-riders have been accustomed to, while still offering a degree of protection unheard of in other lightweight styles. 

Traditional motorcycle glove palms are thicker and have multiple layers that, while they work, leave many riders desiring improvement. Cortech designers found AX® Laredo + Connect to be the optimal combination of thin, feedback enhancing, comfort, and durability. 

Made with:



Where Laredo Fits In

The gloves are centered around an AX® Materials synthetic leather foundation: our unparalleled grain leather alternative AX® Laredo.

The synthetic leather makeup of Laredo is engineered to deliver maximum performance throughout its lifetime. Its thin properties lend to amplified comfort and a smooth hand feel, without compromising on durability.

With remarkable resistance to abrasion, Laredo maintains integrity even under rigorous daily use. Its enhancements enable the Cortech Lite gloves to uphold high standards while still allowing for effortless hand movements and touchscreen interaction.


Fits the Part

Pro motorcycle shredder Parker Pitman agrees that AX® Laredo fits the part for the Cortech Lite gloves:

“The Cortech Lite motorcycle gloves, crafted through the collaboration with AX® Materials, delivered a genuinely enjoyable riding experience. I appreciated the comfortable hand feel and the convenience of using my phone while wearing them. That and the added touch of style with their sleek appearance. Riding with them just feels and looks good.”

AX® vs. Leather

Laredo’s unique knit base provides exceptional stretch that enhances dexterity and flexibility – striking the perfect balance between its rugged exterior.

Laredo is one of the many materials in our AX® Materials leather replacement range. Just a few of the benefits of AX® vs. leather include:

  • Equal or greater durability 

  • Consistent color & physical properties 

  • No risk of drying out over time 

  • Improved manufacturing efficiencies 

  • Stable supply chain & pricing 

  • Lighter weight, higher dexterity, & enhanced physical properties 

  • 4 chemicals used in AX® manufacturing vs. 48 in leather

For powersport enthusiasts who are eager to heighten their ride, the Cortech Lite gloves deliver first-rate crash protection, flexibility, and comfort. Don’t let the heat or frost stop you from taking on your daily shred. Achieve the trip you’re looking for with this Cortech Lite and AX® Materials combination: where materials meet high performance.

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