AX® Cielo RPET-Bio

A groundbreaking sustainable material for gloves by AX® Materials

As the first Bio-PU performance material in the glove market, AX® Cielo RPET-Bio 0.55mm is poised to revolutionize the industry by offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional glove materials.

AX® Cielo RPET-Bio features a GRS Certified 100% recycled polyester base derived from post-consumer water bottles, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable future in the glove manufacturing sector. The polyurethane component of Cielo RPET-Bio incorporates Susterra propanediol, a plant-based, petroleum-free diol made from corn. Susterra Bio accounts for 10.44% of the material’s composition by weight.

Engineered to provide an ideal balance of durability, grip, softness, and stretch, the AX® Cielo RPET-Bio offers exceptional performance qualities while containing Bio-PU content. Developed with sustainability and performance as priorities, this material is highly durable and abrasion-resistant, with superior dexterity at 0.55mm thickness.

The Cielo RPET-Bio material undergoes a wet PU coating process using a roller emboss technique. The first sample of the material showcases the HD-90 Reptile pattern, but other emboss options are available upon request.

AX® Cielo RPET-Bio made its debut at Performance Days in Munich in March and the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland, Oregon, in April. It garnered attention from customers seeking a stronger sustainable alternative in PU-coated materials. The combination of Bio PU content and a 100% recycled undyed poly base solidifies AX® Materials’ position as the leading sustainable glove material supplier in the industry.

AX® Materials’ commitment to sustainability and innovation in the development of AX® Cielo RPET-Bio demonstrates the company’s dedication to creating a greener future for the glove industry.


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