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Ironclad Gaming Glove

As the esports category grows, the world of esports gear is growing with it.

A Worldwide Phenomenon

Over the past decade, esports has risen from a niche category of athletics to a worldwide phenomenon.

This trend has only skyrocketed further with the pandemic driving more people to online gaming. Colleges, professional leagues, and even the military are now investing in their own esports teams.

Groundbreaking Features

As the esports category grows, the world of esports gear is growing with it. Ironclad recently became the first glove manufacturer to offer a line of cutting-edge gloves for gamers.

The Ironclad Immortals and MIBR PC gloves are made with groundbreaking features for esports athletes, including a silicon grip for stability and control, as well as ceramic padding to minimize wrist friction against the mousepad.

Made with:



Lightning-Quick Reaction Times

When building their glove line, Ironclad recruited AX® Materials to tackle a gamer’s worst enemy: palm sweat.

Moisture and temperature management was key to Ironclad’s design, so they deployed AX® Suede Cinco for the palm.

AX® Suede Cinco wicks away moisture and stays breathable to keep the glove cool and comfortable during intense gameplay. It also provides a lightweight but durable level of thickness, allowing for increased responsiveness and lightning-quick reaction times.

AX® Materials is powering the next generation of athletic performance. Visit the Ironclad website to rank up with the Immortals and MIBR PC gloves today.

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